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BSA Troop 177 - April 2012 Update
The troop had a busy March! Our camping trip had to be postponed due to bad weather. It has rained on both of our last campouts. Enough already! Instead we had a day trip to the San Jacinto monument combined with a morning of canoeing and fishing in Shore Acres nearby. The troop helped an elderly couple move on 2 weekends and also helped with the Rotary club crawfish boil. In addition we performed the opening flag ceremony for the Friends of Scouting fund raising breakfast at The Moody Gardens Hotel. Our Scoutmaster, Pete Rhymes, was one of three scout leaders recognized by the Bay Area Council for their contributions - quite an honor!

BSA Troop 177 - March 2012 Update
The troop "camped" in Mulhusen in February. We had planned to pitch tents in the yard but the heavy rain and lightning persuaded us to enjoy Mulhusen instead. We were able to clean and sort out our chuck boxes, work on advancement and play board games ( no electronic games allowed). We prepared chili for a church chili cook-off but the combination of heavy rain and Mardi Gras defeated that. At least the troop chili won the Best Chili contest! And we have chili leftover for future meetings. The church celebrated Scout Sunday with boys helping with greeting and carrying the flags and cross. The troop is helping an elderly couple move as a service project at the request of the Council Office. Please check the display case in Quin Hall for the latest pictures of troop activities.

BSA Troop 177 Report by Scoutmaster Pete Rhymes, II

Troop 177 spent the weekend of May 29-31 at Camp Allen working on 3 Eagle required merit badges and having fun. This was a fantastic trip and one that we will add as a regular event. The boys spent their spare time riding bikes and fishing. They caught 1 largemouth bass about 3 lbs. and almost landed another even larger one that got away. Both were caught using small perch as bait, also caught on site. The Troop cooked hamburgers Sat. night along with peach cobbler that flopped, wonderful none the less. We also took use of the trails and roads for bike riding. Thanks to the people of Grace and assistants John McCulley, Steve Feldman, Beau Bossert, and Eddie Rodriguez (Unit Commissioner).

Boy Scout Troop 177:

Our December camping trip was to Buescher State Park near Austin. Six boys and two adults participated. The boys rode their bikes on a scenic park road that connects Buescher with Bastrop State Park. The round trip distance was 24 miles. The ride was more difficult than expected because there were many hills too steep to ride up. Still all but one made the round trip including one who rode a single speed bike. This ride completed one of the requirements for camping merit badge. The troop has 3 bikes to loan to boys that don't have bikes but we would like to upgrade them. If you have a bike that is no longer needed we would like to have it. The popcorn sale was successful. Our new Scout Commissioner visited us recently and said that she had not seen such a nice scout meeting place before. Thank you for making it available to us and for the many ways you support our program!

John H. McCulley


Scout Sunday April 22, 2007

Grace Church celebrated Scout Sunday at our 10:30 service today by recognizing our youth that participate in scouting activities. Two of our Scouts, Holden Rhymes and Eric Eldridge, received the God and Life award. Holden an Eric have worked and studied for almost a year to qualify for this award. Jeff Kilgore served as their mentor and guide throughout the process.

Scouts are taught to be reverent toward God. Scouts should be faithful in their religious duties, and they are taught to recognize and respect the beliefs of others. Grace church is proud to sponsor Boy Scout troop #177, and we are grateful to scoutmaster John McCulley, and assistant scoutmasters Kirk Leissner, Beau Bossert, Ricardo Arrellona, and Pete Rhymes for their efforts to bring scouting opportunities to young men who would otherwise not have the chance.

The campfire chili they cooked up and served after the service was delicious.

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