Lay Ministry Report



The following parishioners were active in lay ministries during 2009:


Acolytes - Ariel Conoly, Anna Hyatt, Hannah Willey, Bryce Willey, Holden Rhymes, Emily Barrillas, Katie Barrillas, Imani Jackson, Jared Jackson, Gabriel Glover, Jared Glover and Maitee Glover.

Lectors - Carol Ramirez, Laura Hyatt, Camille St. John, William Jones,  Pat Brown, Stan Brown, Pat Bevil, Gerald Richard, Nancy Mafrige, Lee Davis,  Ella Anderson, Anne Lett-Brown, Bill Watson, Vickie Robertson, Jeff Kilgore, Janice Rhymes, John Buck, Corlie Jackson, Michael Jackson, Pete Rhymes, Bob Scott, Chris Anagnostis, Doris Niccolai, and Judy Webb.

Eucharistic Ministers - Ella Anderson,  Pat Brown, Gerald Richard, Bill Watson, William Jones, Jayne Davis, Lee Davis, Nancy Mafrige, Anne Lett-Brown, Vickie Robertson, Corlie Jackson, Michael Jackson, Janice Rhymes, and Judy Webb.

Eucharistic Visitors - Lee Davis, Jayne Davis, Vickie Robertson, Ella Anderson, Judy Ricketts and Dan Ricketts.

Unction Ministers - Gerald Richard, Jayne Davis, Vickie Robertson, Mary Kilgore, Nancy Wilkes, Pat Brown and Sandy Schlagenhauf.

Worship Leaders -  Ella Anderson, Michael Jackson, Vickie Robertson,  Lee Davis and Jayne Davis

Ushers - Margaret Cutrer, Robert Wehner, Anne Lett-Brown, Nancy Conoly, Pete Rhymes, Jerry & Patsy Mount, Barry Willey, Kenny Wegner, Betty Huddleston, Jeff Kilgore, Judy Webb, Marilyn Cooper, and Moose Morton.

Greeters - Sherry Wehner and Stan Brown.


My apologies to anyone I inadvertently left off any list.


Respectfully submitted,

Jayne Davis